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SkyCU Air Ambulance Club operates as a non-profit association in a self-financing model, so it relies on membership fees and donations. Our goal is to further develop air rescue and aeromedical patient transport by collecting charitable donations, and to support the medical generation of the future through a scholarship program.

With your donation, you will help us accomplish noble and important goals, such as:

  • further development of high-quality air rescue and aeromedical patient transport;
  • facilitating access to air ambulance capacity;
  • development of the professional standard of the education and scientific activity linked to air rescue and aeromedical patient transport;
  • a SkyCU scholarship program, available from 2022, to support the medical students of today, who are doing their best, to become doctors of tomorrow.


Acquisition of medical equipment

Scholarship program

Educational and scientific activities

Technical development


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We are convinced that our work is a socially useful goal. If your company is committed or active in CSR programs, then please stand by us and support us with your donation. We help patients obtain access to the transport capacity quickly and safely even if they need specialized care abroad, or they wish to return home to their family after a hospital stay in a foreign country. We firmly believe that with the help of our transparent association activities, we create value. Join us to provide more!

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If the most convenient solution for you is to send your donation by bank transfer, please wire the amount you want to donate to the bank account number below.


  • IBAN (HUF): HU84 13597539-12302010-00072026
  • IBAN (EUR): HU89 13597539-12302010-00072033
  • Bank name: KDB Bank Európa Zrt.
  • Bank address:  1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 42-46.

If you would like to establish a long-term commitment, become a strategic partner for the Association then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all details to sign a strategic partnership agreement with you or with your company.

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